Troja Chateau

Troja castle has the exceptional position in the context of the Czech baroque art.

More like than castle it should be called the suburban villa as its architectonic form was inspired by the large villas that were built in the 16th and 17th centuries near Roma.

The owner Václav Vojtěch from Šternberk (1640- 1708) was the member of one of the eldest and most important aristocratic families. After the studies at the Prague University he travelled with his brother through the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Italy. The deepest experience he achieved in Roma, where he stayed at longest. In Roma there appeared the idea to build a villa similar to the buildings that he visited in Roma or in the Suburb Frascati. The French architect Jean-Baptiste Mathey (1629-1695), who was chosen for the realisation of the project was the key figure of t h e top baroque period in Bohemia.

The design of the villa is different from the older Czech castles. Instead of the classic conception of the three aisled building around the regular yard, created Mathey the main hall as the centre of the building to which are joined the side wings. The main hall is located at the main axe of the area and is opened in the beautiful garden and connected with the monumental noble stairs with the sculptures of the antic goods and goddess fighting with the Titans. The castle is placed at the elevating terrace made by the Italian and French designs in a form of a fortification. The art decorations of t h e castle is made on the motives of legends from the history of t h e Habsburg dynasty, the painting are made by the Italian painters. In the second half of t h e 18th century there were built three Chinese saloons. At the ceiling there were the paintings from painters Marchetti, like in the rooms in the ground floor.

In the collections of the aristocratic residences of that time there were the paintings of dogs and horses. Besides of these pictures we can find in the castle valuable oil paintings of other animals like birds and game animals that were depicted from the Renaissance time. In the past the animal painting became the topic for many famous painters. In the baroque period and later on there became popular the paintings of the art family Roos, that found the inspiration in the stock cattle. The painters that were interested in the animal painting made the pictures to the order of the aristocracy and later for the rich bourgeoisie. Their paintings were used not only as the decoration of the interior but also as the documentation of the richness.

The last part of the exhibition, the „Obrazárna” consist a lot of paintings from the famous Czech painters of 19th century. We can find there the pictures from Václav Brožík and Jaroslav Čermák, Josef Navrátil, Augustin Pipenhagen, Julius Mařák, František Ženíšek, Mikoláš Aleš, Jakub Schikaneder and other artists. For better orientation of the visitors the exhibition is divided in three thematic units: human, nature, myth and historic reality. During the visit of the Troja castle we wish you beautiful artistic impression.

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