Prague ZOO

Prague ZOO – in Troja welcomed its first visitors 28 September 1931. In the first year of its existence there were to be found about 94 animals. From the beginning of the fourties the ZOO could use the complex of outbuildings. At the beginning of the fifties there was finished the Ape Pavilion and in 1971 the Pavilion of t h e Big Mammals was opened. The development of the ZOO was broken in August 2002 by the flooding, when several animals died and that caused great damage.
Well known is the case of the seal Gaston, which after the damage of the protection wall got to the heavy stream of the river Vltava and after long voyage died of exhaustion.

Among the most successful directors of the ZOO belongs Dr. Zdenek Veselovsky, who was in the function since 1959. Under his leading the Prague ZOO became one of the most famous organisations in the world. The present director PhDr. Petr Fejk, author of the new conception ensured the construction of t h e new objects, that also contributed to the fast 50 % increase of the visit rate.

The Prague ZOO is now spread at 64 hectares (at the beginning it was only 8 ha), from which is more t h a n 50 hectares opened to the public. The Garden has two vertical levels that are besides the roads connected by the cable railway. The visitor can walk along the paths in the total length of 10 km and available is also various restaurants, kiosks, baby spots and the educational Centrum. In the area there were placed also some plastiques of the animals and insect, interesting are also the species like magnolias, chestnut trees and saddletrees.

Besides the bus connection i s the Prague Zoo available also by walk through Stromovka, along the riverbank from Liben, or by the steamboat directly from the town centre.

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