Observation Tower

Petřín view-tower was built for the State Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 ex parte of the Czech Touring Club as a free copy of the Eiffel Tower (300 meters high) on the plans of the engineers František Prášil and Julius Souček. The foundations were made in the deep of 11 meters, the tower is 63, 5 meters high and the steel construction of the view tower weights 175 tons. The basic part of the construction is the octagonal tube with an elevator that serves now for the disabled people. Around there are placed two spiral stairs with 299 steps (one for the walk upstairs and one for the walk downstairs). The view tower has two view terraces, the upper one is in the height of 55 meters, in the basement is placed the permanent exposition „Jára Cimrman, génius, který se neproslavil”(Jára Cimrman – the genius that didn’t became famous). In the sixties of the last century at the top of the view over there have been placed the transmitting aerials for the TV sending. Since September 1979 the tower passed the reconstruction and was re-opened in May 1991 on the occasion of the Second Jubilee Exhibition. In July 1870 in connection with the construction of t he view tower there was also presented the project of the Terrestrial Cable Railway. In January 1891 was the line traced, the trees close to the Station Nebozízek were cut down and thanks to the Ringhoffer factory that provided the wagons, went the first passengers up to the Petřín hill on 25 July 1891 at 15 o’clock. The imposing reconstruction of the cable railway was done in the years 1983-1985, the final length is 510 meters and you can use here the Prague mass transportation tickets.

If you got hungry at the Petřín hill, you can visit the Restaurant Nebozízek at the first station of the cable railway. The restaurant got its name after the lisping son of the Austrian Emperor who ordered goose or snitzel (zizek) “. It could also get its name after the way that is curled as a gimlet. The restaurant started its work in 1763.

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