Břevnov Monastery

The Břevnov Monastery belongs since 1991 to our National cultural monuments. It was founded thanks to the second Prague bishop Vojtěch and the Prince Boleslav II. The name Břevnov is according to the legend derived from the břevno – beam in the stream Brusnice that appeared in a dream to the founder of the convent.

The construction of the first friary in Prague and the second in Bohemia (after the convent of the Benedictines at the Prague Castle), started in 993 and became the seat of the Benedictines from the convent in Roman Aventinum. The simple wooden building was rebuilt, improved and broadened during the ages. During the 16th and 17th centuries the Church was several times repaired and also there was built a New Convent. The baroque period in the first half of the 18 century is characterised by the complex of buildings with the Church of St Margaret built by the important architects Kryštof and Kilián Ignaz Dienzenhofer.

After the Velvet revolution in 1989 got the Benedictine order the convent back, they realized large restoration works and in 1993 was Břevnov granted from the Pope Jan Pavel II with a title Arch abbey.

Part of the complex of the farming building is the baroque gate from 1740 with the sculpture of St Benedict and the Angels. The most valuable building of the convent is the Monastery Church of St Margaret that exists at this place since the end of the 10th century. Around the year 1040 it was substituted by the new Romance basilica of St Adalbert. The construction got the Gothic shape at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Within the baroque reconstruction of the whole Convent complex there was also the church repaired. In 1948 awarded the Pope Pius XII the Břevnov Church with the title Basilica minor. In the years 1965-1969 there was recovered the early Romance crypt under the sacrarium that is opened to the public since 1983. You can see there various fragments of the medieval building and decorative elements from the convent buildings. The Hotel Adalbert is placed in the building that is the rest of the former Old Convent founded by the Abbot Tomáš Sartorius in 1668. The Sartorius Convent is the exhibit of the oldest construction in the convent area; thar was realized before the great reconstruction in the 18th century. New period of this historical building started by its change to the hotel called after one of the founders the bishop Adalbert. To the most exploited rooms in the hotel belong the Theresa Hall, Brandl stateroom, The Abbot Dining room, En trance Room, Pompeje Hall and the Corner Stateroom in the first floor and Blue Stateroom, Yellow Stateroom, The Chinese Pavillion and Benedictine Vine Bar in the ground floor. The well kept garden with the pavilion Vojtěška is the pleasant place for rest.

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