Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

The Old Town Hall came to be in 1338, about 100 years after the Old Town became occupied. However, it wasn’t until 1350 that the citizens could hold meetings there. A century later, the Old Town Hall was used for elections of a Czech King. The Old Town Hall remained for this purpose until 1945 when times had changed drastically. On May 8, 1945 as tanks rolled into the Old Town Square, demolishing everything in sight, A section of the Old Town Hall fell and was completely destroyed. Everything kept in that wing was burned, manuscripts, whole libraries, maps, and engravings were burned in the fire. What wasnt burned was the actual House of Council, located under the Town Hall. The House of Council includes maze-like halls of 16 rooms, an entire chapel including its own collection of paintings, two of which depict the condemnation of John Hus’ and the election of Jiri z Prodebrad.

Along with the Old Town Hall comes the Astronomical Clock, which dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. The clocks wooden statues were also destroyed in May of 1945 but replacements were made soon after. The calendar board that is located on the Astronomical Clock now is and exact replica of the original that can be found in the Museum of the City of Prague.

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