National Marionette Theatre

The National Marionette Theatre in Zatecka street has the finest puppet performance in Prague and Czech Republic. Other theatres have sprung up, but to experience the original, book your place at this quaint little theatre.
The Performances of the National Marionette Theatre are based on the puppet versions of Mozart’s famous Don Giovanni which is called “opera of operas” and the Magic Flute, which is the last opera of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Both productions are exceptional with their, puppets clothed in period costumes, set against 18th century stage sets.
In the Marionette Theatre the story is based visually and mostly nonverbally . This makes the shows ideal for an international audience, of both adults and children.
The National Marionette Theatre is placed just couple minutes walk from the Old Town Square.

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    • Don Giovanni
         National Marionette Theatre, Žatecká 1, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague-Prague 1, Czech Republic
       2 hours

      Mozart composed specially for Prague “opera of operas” Don Giovanni, which premiered at the ...

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