Celetna Street

Celetná is the most important and famous street of the Old Town. It can be taken as an exhibition of various architectonic styles. The oldest Romanesque period we can find under the surface, in the cellars of the buildings, as the terrain during the centuries rose for several meters.

The baroque building of the Mint Palace was built in the 18th century. The late gothic character of the building is preserved in the cellar. The first floor is equipped with the late baroque vaults. At first here was placed the Prague Mint Court and later on the Prague Military Headquarters. At the near Old Fruit Market there is situated theEstates Theatre from the year 1783, where in 1787 took place the world opening of the opera Don Giovanni directed by W.A. Mozart.

In Celetná there are also other historical and architecturally important buildings. Interesting is also the House at the Black Madonna – cubist house from 1912, now you can find there the exhibition of Czech Cubism. Other houses and palaces: Renaissance Menhart House, Carreto – Millesimo Palace, well preserved house signs are at the houses At the White Peacock – U Bílého páva, At the White Lion – U Bílého lva, At the Black Sun – U Černého slunce. The Vicarage and the house At Three Kings – U Tří králů are the best preserved original buildings. They have an original gothic masonry and house fronts coming from the 14 century. In the house U Tří králů spent also his youth writer Franz Kafka.

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