Na Příkopě street

The Na Příkopě street appears in this area even in the middle Ages, when the New Town was built. Originally there was the ancient ditch from the second h a l f of 13t h century, part of the ancient fortification of the Old Town. As this street was quite wide i t became early the thoroughfare.
In the twenties of the last century there appeared the vacant lot Myslbek rebuilt in 1996 that divided the street at two parts.
In the sixties there happened often to the traffic jams and the Příkopy became the symbol of the poor traffic solution, in 1977 the construction of the metro started. The tram line was on 4t h July 1984 liquidated and was replaced by the pedestrian zone. After 1989 there appeared a lot of new shops.

On the present is the Street Na Příkopě one of the city’s premier shopping streets. From the well known buildings just remind the Passage Myslbek, Slavonic House, Commercial Bank, Czech National Bank and Project of Palace Příkopy.

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