Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery – was founded in the first half of the 15th century and served as the burial place until 1787. To the most visited places belong also the tomb of the Rabi Jehuda Low (1609), next to it the narrow tomb of his grandson. The legend says that this men wanted to be bu ried close to his grandfather, but there was no more place around. But when the grandson died, the tomb moved to the side and there appeared a place for another grave.

Further you can see there the graves of the astronomer and mathematician David Gans, doctor and astronomer Josef Šelom Delmedig, financier and the great patron of the Jewish Town, Mordechaj Maisel and the rabbi and the collector of Hebrew prints David Oppenheim. At many tombs are laid the small stones, often with the ticket with a wish. The people believe that the dead people can help and fulfil the wishes, if the stone is brought from the place where you live. To take the stone at the cemetery or even from another tomb is prohibited. This practice comes from the ancient times, when the Jews were the nomads and their dead they covered with stones to protect it from the wild animals.

The legendary rabbi Jehuda Low ben Bezalel who, according to the legend, created the dangerous clay Golem and with use of the mysterious Schem he gived him the life was born in the second or third decade of the 16 century in Poznaň. For twenty sears he was the provincial rabbi and the supervisor above the Jewish schools in Moravia. At that time he lived in Mikulov and as an elder man he moved to Prague, where he early became the leading Jewish personality. He wrote here many religious and pedagogical works and founded in the New Town the High School of Talmud. He belonged to the friends of the emperor of Rudolf II.

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