Royal Garden

When walking into the Royal Garden, you can expect to see a few grassy areas almost completely surrounded by walls or buildings. Located completely within the Royal garden is Ball Game Hall, the Royal Summer Palace and the Lion’s Court. The park itself is known for its numerous flowerbeds, the Singing Fountain, and a statue of Hercules fighting a dragon.

The history of the Royal Garden dates back to 1534. Over the course of time the garden has been expanded and different things have been added. For example, the old vineyards were purchased gradually from their owners. As it expanded so did the fame for the exotics and botanical rarities from all over the world.

The garden was originally designed in baroque style. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. Damages caused from war required the garden to be completely restored. The newer garden was finished at the beginning of the 19th century and was gradually turned into English-style from the earlier baroque. Today, this is how it can be seen with traces of renaissance styles. he garden is formed by a giardinetto with regularly arranged flowerbeds and the bronze Singing Fountain. And the end of the Garden is the lovely building of the Royal Summer Palace

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