Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is lined with beautifully painted houses in various colors and sizes. You can walk the length of the road while looking in various windows to see everything from puppets to books that Franz Kafka wrote to random souvenirs. When visiting the Prague Castle it is an important stop to see.

The Golden Lane housed castle workers and goldsmiths, giving the name “Golden Lane”. Today it stands as the oldest and narrowest street in Prague. The location is within the castle grounds but after the mid 15th century the houses were open to more than just the castle workers.

The reason why the Golden Lane is so known is because of its past residents. Franz Kafka lived in no. 22 from 1916-1917. The Daliborka tower at the end of the road held Dalibor of Kozojedy as well as Baron Frantisek Antonin Spork of East Bohemia.

Golden Lane originated after the construction of the northern wall of the Castle. The area of the northern parkan was used for the building of modest dwellings, which is now the last remainder of the small-scale architecture of Prague Castle.

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