Belvedere – Queen Anne’s Summer Palace

Belvedere is one of the most beautiful buildings in the renessance style in Prague,though the same architecture and design of both the house and the garden can be found also at other locations. The garden is very geometrical in the design, patterns and octagonal shapes appear to be the theme. Whether that’s how the designer intended it to be or was just the fad at the time, much of the surrounding gardens within the palace are the same.

The house itself is of a rectagonal shape with vast riches that explains why it is called “Queen Anne’s Summer Palace”. The richness of the building as well as the furnishings inside just adds to the beauty of the Palace itself. It is a beautiful place to see, its really special one-of-a-kind.

The Royal Summer Palace, also known as Queen Anne’s Summer Palace was built to the order of Ferdinand I from 1538 to 1560 on the eastern edge of the Royal Garden. The gallery, provided with an arcade and rich decoration, is the work of Italian stone-masons and the superstructure of the first floor and its unique roofing were built by Hans Tirol and Bonifaz Wolmut. The Summer Palace was intended to serve as a scene of events organized for the entertainment of the court and also as a feature enhancing the pleasure of a sojourn in the garden. In the late 18th century the Summer Palace was at the disposal of the Austrian army and after their stay here its reconstruction had to be started in 1836. In the course of its realization a monumental staircase originated as well as the decoration of a hall on the first floor in the form of wall paintings portraying themes from Czech history. The Italian source of inspiration of the Summer Palace is also illustrated by the way in which the adjoining part of the garden is laid out as a giardinetto with a regular composition of flower beds. The bronze Singing Fountain is the work of Tomas Jaros of 1564 to 1568. The special sound of the falling drops of water, brings the ringing of bells to mind. It can best be heard directly under the wide lower bowl of the fountain. The Royal Summer Palace now serves mainly for exhibitions in creative art and artistic crafts.

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