The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech. It belongs to the group of West Slavic languages, like eg. Slovak or Polish. Czech has a very rich vocabulary, many special grammatical features and some unusual sounds. At present, it is one of the official languages of the European Union.

In tourist places – hotels, restaurants, monuments, museums, galleries, but also in a number of shops and services it is possible to make oneself understood in English or German, exceptionally French.

Even though you do not speak Czech yet, everyone is pleased when they hear a foreigner trying to communicate in the language of the country they are visiting. Be it in a restaurant, on the street, in a shop or anywhere else, basic conversational phrases like „Děkuji” and „Dobrý den” will definitely come in handy.


Hello! (Good day!) = Dobrý den!

Hi! = Ahoj!

Good morning! = Dobré ráno!

Good night! = Dobrou noc!

Good bye! = Na shledanou!

Bye! See you! = Ahoj!/Čau!

See you later! = Na shledanou později!

Please. = Prosím.

Excuse me. = S dovolením.

I’ m sorry. = Promiňte.

Thank you. = Děkuji.

Thanks. = Dík(y).

You are welcome! = Prosím./Není zač.

Yes. = Ano.

No. = Ne.

Entrance. = Vchod.

Exit. = Východ.

Open. = Otevřeno.

Closed. = Zavřeno.

No smoking. = Zákaz kouření./Kouření zakázáno.