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Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of people: 300

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Sometimes it is difficult to be in the right place at the right time. But if you are sitting right now in the auditorium of the IMAGE theatre then you have succeeded. Welcome! Of course, not all the theatres are the same. Black theatre is different; the light is different and the dark is different. The intense darkness of black theatre is full of fantasy. Poetic pictures are approaching you from the mysterious and almost indefinite depth of a black cabinet. You cannot see the actors, as they are invisible. Suddenly you can see them rather well and almost dangerously close. Dance will express the unspoken, disturb emotions and overcome laws of physics. Music will bring inanimate to life, tragic will change into comic, unbelievable will become real. And, moreover, your imagination will fully awake. If you are willing to join our exploration, inside you may find something you have never known existed.


This time the above stated common and often used title honestly addresses selection of black theatre dance performances and comedy sketches that came out of creative workshop of Image Theatre. The performance is a compilation of scenes and images of the most successful productions that Image Theatre has offered to viewers within its almost 30 years of existence.

At Image Black Light Theatre, typically Czech features of being inventive and sophisticated are in the service of simple, yet effective tricks, great dance and comedy without words.

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.


Please, enter and admire the perfection, beauty and work of genius!
You will see a demonstration of interesting exhibits and an explanation of their principles and functions!
Unique collection of curiosities and miracles of the 20th century! First time in public!
Practical demonstrations!
Enter at your own risk!

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.


The performance Afrikania tells story about a meeting of a married couple during their exotic holiday with a postman who finds himself unexpectedly in the position of a reception clerk of an abandoned hotel. The story blends together with impressive images of the region Afrikania, full of varied animal kinds to which the newest black theatre technique, non-traditional costumes and professional dancing performances breathe in life. Theatre designing inspired by nature and the projection surrounding the spectator put the finishing touches to the atmosphere of this fantasy world, to which we invite you for a non-traditional trip.

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.


You encounter a number of new elements in the Black box performance. You will be surprised by possibilities of black effects, luminescent lights and their visual effects. Modern dance is supported by perfect black light technique, causing dancers and objects to levitate, rotate and move in defiance of the rules of gravity. Constituent elements are inspired by the contemporary world, time, even dreams, and the transformed fantasy of moving objects. The subconscious mind of each visitor can find its own association and interpretation. A combination of interesting props, original music and projection once again provides our multinational audience with a very unusual experience. Non-verbal sketches, reflecting detective, crime and action stories, are interspersed with scenes in “the black”. They tell us a story of unrevealed and unknown crime, culprits and their hunters. The hero, acting as a brave and indestructible executor of the Law, chases fleeing gangsters with the determination of a hunting dog.

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.


The age-long desire of people to uncover the mysteries and hidden connections among stars was the inspiration for authors of the latest performance of GALAXIA. The authors exchanged plain science for theatre poetics, computer systems for dance, music and unique black light effects.

Let yourself be carried away by humorous story about ordinary human relationships which may be more or less influenced by the stars and horoscope assembled by an astronomer.  Let´s move to an unspecified past and places where we can almost touch the stars.

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.

Acitivity program

01.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
02.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
03.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
04.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
06.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
07.04.19 20:00 Black Box
08.04.19 20:00 Cabinet of Curiosities
09.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
10.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
11.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
12.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
13.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
14.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
15.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
16.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
17.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
18.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
19.04.19 20:00 Black Box
20.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
21.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
22.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
23.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
24.04.19 20:00 Cabinet of Curiosities
25.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
26.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
27.04.19 20:00 Afrikania
28.04.19 20:00 The Best of Image
29.04.19 20:00 Galaxia
30.04.19 20:00 Galaxia