Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms (both singular and plural) have the following meanings:

  • ‘PTI’, Prague Tourist Information, s.r.o, Mostecká 53/4, 11800 Praha, IČ: 69470014, DIČ: CZ7003180613, registered in the Czech Republic at the Municipal Court of Prague,section C, insertion 70704
  • ‘General Terms and Conditions’, the General Terms and Conditions of Prague Tourist Information;
  • ‘Tour’, the journey including the visiting of a number of places in sequence, especially with an organized group, usually led by a guide; a brief trip through a place, as a building or a site, in order to view orinspect it
  • ‘Activity’, the public or private event at which – by way of example, but not exclusively – an activity of a tourist nature takes place, including – but not limited to – an excursion, a museum visit, a concert, a theatre visit, a show visit or a sports event;
  • ‘Organiser’, the party responsible for the production and/or organisation of the event;
  • ‘Location’, the place at which the event is held;
  • ‘Agreement’, the agreement between Tours and Tickets and the consumer for the sale and delivery of tickets
  • The Customer is an entity with which PTI has entered into a sales contract the subject-matter of which is the purchase of a tour ticket made on the PTI website
  • ‘Ticket’, proof of access to an event;
  1. Applicability

    • Use of PTI website constitutes your acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions. PTI is not responsible for the content of any external website to which a hypertext link from this website exists.
    • The General Terms and Conditions below and the booking and ordering conditions of PTI apply to all offers, orders and agreements of PTI.
    • In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of the organiser and the General Terms and Conditions of the party responsible for the locations will also apply to the agreement. In the event of any conflict between the provisions in the agreement or in these General Terms and Conditions and the aforementioned terms and conditions, the provisions in the agreement or in these General Terms and Conditions will prevail. Copies of the General Terms and Conditions of the parties responsible for the Locations or of the organiser are available on request from the parties responsible for the locations in question or from the organiser.
    • By accepting an offer or making an order, the consumer expressly accepts the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions. Deviations from that stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are only possible in writing, in which case the other provisions will remain undiminished in force.
    • All rights and entitlements stipulated for PTI in these General Terms and Conditions and any further agreements will also apply for intermediaries and other third parties deployed by PTI.
  1. Prices/offers, Purchase of Tickets and Payments

    • All offers made by PTI are without obligation and PTI expressly reserves the right to change the prices, in particular if this is necessary as a result of statutory or other regulations. PTI also reserves the right to change the content of the website without prior notice.
    • All prices are indicated in Czech Crowns, including VAT. Prices in other currencies on PTI website do not refer to the actual exchange rates. Those prices are mentioned to help to calculate the approximate value of the Czech Crown.
    • In certain cases, promotional prices apply. These prices are valid during a specific period. No entitlement to these prices may be invoked before or after the specific period.
    • PTI cannot be held to any price indications that are clearly incorrect, for example as a result of obvious typesetting or printing errors. No rights may be derived from incorrect price information.
    • Upon making reservation, no handling fee above the current price of the tour/activity will be charged to the Customer
    • Once the Customer has completed an order, the total purchase price will be displayed, which the Customer is obliged to pay. The purchase price shown will be the total current price of the ordered tour/activity, i.e., inclusive of VAT and of any discounts that may be granted.
    • PTI accepts a payment by credit card only.  You will not receive confirmation of your definitive booking until your payment has been approved.
    • The Customer may pay for the tour/activity using the following types of credit card: MasterCard, Visa.
    • Once the E-Ticket order has been submitted, the Customer will be redirected to a secure payment gateway – Česká Spořitelna webpay – on which they are required to make payment.
    • On the Česká Spořitelna webpay, the Customer will enter all the data required to make payment of the price of the requested ticket.
    • The PTI assumes no responsibility for the payment process effected on the Česká Spořitelna webpay
    • Once the order has been paid for and successfully finished, the Customer will be sent an e-mail and the voucher with the tour/aktivity purchased from the PTI´s system to the e-mail address the Customer has given.
  2. Cancellation Policy and Refunds

    • An organiser is entitled to cancel or change the date of an event. Should this happen, PTI will attempt to provide a suitable solution. If an event is cancelled or postponed, PTI will do its utmost to inform you as soon as possible. If an alternative time or date cannot be provided, a full refund will be given. However, PTI cannot guarantee it is possible to inform you timely of any change or cancellation of an event or be held responsible for refunds, compensations or for any resulting costs you may incur, for example for travel, accommodation and/or any other related goods or service.
    • Before confirming your booking, always check carefully that you have booked the correct (number of) tickets.
    • Refunds are available for tours purchased from us up to 24 hours before the tour is due to start, except in the circumstances detailed below. No refunds will be given after this time, however where possible an alternate date or time may be offered.
    • No refunds will be given in the event you do not attend your tour. The tour departs promptly from the place written on your voucher (or from your hotel incase of the free pick up service) and it is your responsibility to arrive on time. If you arrive late, however, you may be offered an alternative time or date for your tour if one is available.
    • Not using one or more pre-purchased tickets is for your own account and risk; this is also the case if the admission ticket is only valid for a certain time and /or date.
    • Where the tour involves services provided by an external supplier (e.g. boat cruises and restaurants) we are not responsible for cancellations made by the supplier. In this event we will endeavour to provide alternative activities or, if this is not possible, we may refund the value of the activity not provided.
    • PTI shall not be liable for damage, misuse or loss of tickets. No duplicate tickets will be issued to replace tickets that have been misused, mistreated, lost or stolen and nor will such tickets be refunded.
    • PTI shall not be liable for delays, non-delivery or incorrect delivery of tickets, if such delay, non-delivery or incorrect delivery cannot be attributed to PTI.
  3. Delivery

    • Depending on the method of sending, tickets will be delivered to the address included in PTI address database.
    • The delivery times specified by PTI are for indication purposes only. Failure to meet any delivery deadline will not entitle you to damage compensation, nor will it entitle you to cancel the order or dissolve the agreement, unless such failure to meet the delivery deadline is so severe that it cannot reasonably be demanded of you to abide by the agreement. In that case, you will be entitled to cancel the order or dissolve the agreement insofar as this is necessary.
  4. Retention of title

    • The ownership of the tickets delivered will only transfer to you if you have met all your obligations to PTI pursuant to any agreement whatsoever. The risk relating to the tickets will be transferred to you at the time of delivery.
  5. Complaints

    • Any complaints must be raised immediately by coming in person to PTI office or by email to service@prague-information.eu.  Complaints raised retrospectively will not be accepted.
    • You are obliged to check on delivery to ensure that the tickets are in line with the agreement. If this is not the case, you must inform PTI in writing and with reasons as soon as possible and at all events within three (3) days of delivery, providing that it was reasonably possible to ascertain this fact. If it has been demonstrated that the tickets are not in line with the agreement, PTI may choose to replace the tickets in question with new tickets in exchange for their return or to refund the amount paid.
  6. Electronic communication and evidence

    • PTI is not liable for any misunderstandings, distortions, delays or incorrect transmission of data and messages as a result of the use of the internet or any other communication resource in the traffic between the customer and PTI (or the parties deployed by the customer).
    • The records of PTI will serve as full evidence of the existence, the content and the implementation of the agreement with the customer in any legal procedure, subject to counter-evidence provided by the party that invokes the fact that the evidence is unreliable.
  7. Force majeure

    • PTI is not responsible for any interruption of service due to mechanical failure, accidents, heavy traffic, weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond our control.
  8. Personal Data Protection

    • By making a reservation online, the Customer consents, pursuant to Law No. 101/2000 Coll., Law No. 40/1995 Coll., and Law No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended, to the PTI processing their personal data within the following scope: first name and surname, e-mail address, phone number, and any other data provided in the registration form for the purpose of performing the reservation via the Internet, or, as the case may be, for the purpose of addressing complaints and/or providing information about tour cancellations, for a period of one year. The PTI guarantees that the personal data provided shall be treated as strictly confidential information and shall never be sold or assigned to any other party. Any and all personal data will be strictly kept secret and used solely for PPAS Company purposes
    • The data which will be used to pay the purchase price of the reservation will be provided directly to the companies operating the secured Internet payment gateways and the PTI will not have access to the data. Such data will be protected in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of the operators of the secured Internet payment gateways.
  9. Special provisions, liability

    • The purchaser of a ticket supplied by PTI must behave as a good and orderly visitor of events and must abide by the instructions issued to him or her by or on behalf of the organiser of the event to be visited as well as by the competent authorities. Visitors who are abusive, intoxicated or whose behaviour is generally disruptive may be refused admittance to the tour/activity or, if this behaviour becomes evident during the tour/activity, may be asked to leave. In this case, no refund will be given.
    • PTI will not be liable for any refusal by the organiser of an event or by the public authorities to admit the purchaser of a ticket supplied by PTI to an event as a result of actions and/or negligence on the part of the purchaser.
    • The purchaser of a ticket attends an event at his or her own risk. PTI will not be liable for any damage incurred by the purchaser during the journey to from the event or while attending the event.
    • PTI is not responsible for items lost or stolen during the tour/activity. Please ensure you have all your belongings with you during the tour/activity, or that you have collected them all if the tour or activity requires you to deposit them for any reason (i.e. in a cloakroom).
    • A FREE pick up serviceis available within selected tours and it is for request. It is necessary to inform us within the booking process about the adress of your hotel and your phone number. Pick-up time is different from departure time and has to be respected. Pick -up for hotels in walking distance – our assistant will walk you to the starting point of the tour.
    • The purchaser of a ticket supplied by PTI must inform him or herself of the instructions issued by or on behalf of the organiser of the event or the competent authorities relating to it, including any changes concerning the event, such as starting time, etc. PTI has no obligation to provide the purchaser of a ticket with further information in this regard.
  10. Final Provisions

    • These General Terms and Conditions apply to all business cases which include the online sale of tickets for the tours/activities made between the PTI and the Customer.
    • The PTI reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The PTI will publish changes to and the effective date of these General Terms and Conditions in an appropriate manner, on its website www.prague-information.eu
    • These General Terms and Conditions shall take force and effect on 1st December 2016.

Instructions for online booking:

  1. Select the tour/activity, click on calendar and check the availability.
  2. Choose a day and preffered time of departure and insert the additional information:
  • Prefered language (please note: all tours are available in English, other languages upon request)
  • Number of participants (please note: student discount offer is only valid for persons under 26years who are at the same time holders of the student card)
  1. Click on „BOOK NOW“ – the tour will be added to your cart.
  2. Click on „Proceed to checkout“ and enter your personal information
  3. Click on „next“ and choose the payment method. You will be redirected to a 3D secure payment gateway – Česká Spořitelna webpay – on which you make your payment.
  4. When your payment is done you will be redirected do PTI website and you will receive 2 emails. One e-mail with confirmation that we have received your reservation and another e-mail with your voucher.
  5. On the voucher you will find all information needed to attend the tour, such as starting point and the summary of your reservation.
  6. Please, print your voucher and present it to the staff at the departure/starting point of the tour/activity.

 Enjoy your stay in Prague!