700 CZK

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of people: 250

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THE GREAT SWING NIGHT featuring Original Vintage Orchestra

“Elegant, yet sexy! You must not miss it” says the famous Czech Director, Screenwriter and Producer Jiri Vejdelek. 

Original Vintage Orchestra brings you an exciting and sophisticated show featuring swing tunes of the 1920’s as well as original arrangements of brand new pop tunes in the same style of 1920’s big band, making for an original and memorable entertainment experience.

The 17-piece Orchestra is led by charismatic musician and vocalist Petr Kroutil and stars talent such as the enigmatic Rosie Havelkova, energetic and youthful Hot Sisters, and Los Angeles vocal star Chuck Wansley.

Petr Kroutil, Bandleader – Petr is one of the most engaging and talented swing musicians in the country. Founder of Original Vintage Orchestra, Petr is an alumni of both the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory and Boston’s own Berklee College of Music.

Hot Sister – Original Female Vocal Trio. They’re living proof that swing is alive and well. Not afraid to incorporate features such as beatbox into their music, they make happy swinging covers of current worldwide hits.

Chuck Wansley – Chuck possesses a voice of wide range and dexterity. One of the leading artists in the USA who performs globally, Chuck brings his brand of swing to the stage with Broadway style.

Rozalie Havelkova – “Miss Rosie” a beautiful and talented singer, actress, model, and daughter of the famous director Ondrej Havelka. Along with the orchestra, Rosie swings solos which were adapted especially for her by bandleader Petr Kroutil.

Jiri Vejdelek, Director – Behind the scenes we are very fortunate to have the support and guidance of this extraordinary director, screenwriter and producer. Author of the most successful films of recent years, his work embodies excellent quality cinema which appeals to all.

It ain’t Broadway, but it sure feels like it. Just a wild Monday night in Prague filled with excellent musicians playing vintage music to a packed house. All part of the genius of Petr Kroutil. 

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